Our workshop is a 12,000 square foot space located on the end of Pier 41 in the historic Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Within these walls, we have a fully outfitted woodshop complete with three table saws, two jointers, two band saws, two planers, two drill presses, a CNC machine, a widebelt sander, etc. Our space also provides two finishing rooms (one spray booth and one drying room with a down-draft floor system), office space (with a working fireplace), a full kitchen, and a conference room.


Our space is home to a dozen other design companies that all have their own private bench space and desk areas. Cabinet makers, furniture makers, industrial product designers, a spray finishing company, and even a boat restorer all call Pickett Studios home. Subtenants are either here on a permanent basis with yearly leases or rent space by the month, depending on their needs. For current availability, please contact us here.



Pickett Furniture does not claim to be green because it’s fashionable. We analyze every aspect of our production to ensure the least amount of environmental impact. We take extra steps when sourcing materials to confirm future sustainability, in determining materials usage and construction methods to reduce waste, and by choosing environmentally-safe waterborne finishes to avoid the toxic off-gassing of chemical finishes. 


In parallel with the ancient religion of Shintoism, we value the sacrifice the tree has given in order for us to create our products. We pay respect by not being wasteful and by letting the inherent beauty of the tree shine. We allow for the maximum lifespan of these resources by building furniture of heirloom-quality.  In contrast, many other “green” builders sell products that are not crafted with techniques to make them durable, that are manufactured with a large carbon footprint in polluting factories overseas, and that often contain toxic chemicals. 


This reverence for materials is displayed in every product Pickett Furniture and Design creates and our customers continue to support us in this commitment. 



Pickett Furniture and Design's staff is committed to achieving the highest levels of craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity.  This commitment supplies the passion for our work and the finished products express a shared creative vision.




company history



Welcome to Pickett!

Formally trained as a woodworking apprentice, Jeremy’s resume includes over 15 years as a bench worker, shop manager, lead woodworker, and designer, until the time was right to launch his own company in 2008. Prior to his successive years of woodworking, Jeremy spent a decade in the music industry promoting bands across the world. During these travels, and a year-long sabbatical with his new young family, Jeremy was influenced by the handcraftsmanship of ancient temples in Japan, viking ship museums in Norway, and bamboo structures throughout Asia. This durability inspired Jeremy to specialize in Japanese style joinery, which is inherently so strong there is no need for nails or screws. Jeremy incorporates this joinery precision throughout his Studio Collection and custom projects.   



Jeremy Pickett, Designer

Pickett Studios